Thursday, October 30, 2008

Marathon Sunday

It's nearly here and the city is buzzing!!!! Seems everywhere I turn there's someone talking about the marathon, making plans to meet up and watch the marathon, or anxiously awaiting the start of their own marathon run. This morning is when I felt that buzz the most when just before my Q train departed the 57th St. station, a flock of Italian runners came rushing down the stairs. How did I know they were runners? The gear. It always gives them away. Plus they were all tremendously fit and way too excited for 8:30 a.m. on a weekday in a subway station.

I'm most looking forward to tracking the runners I know racing and cheering for them with all I can muster. It won't be easy, at last count I have at least 8 people on that list... Nettie, Dave, Laura, Kyra, Staci, Alissa, Walter & John. With the new wave starts & various corrals plus all the regular craziness of the race, spectating and actually finding these friends will not be a small task. But it will be a fun one!

Also eager to see one of these finisher medals in person. With a likeness of the great Grete Waitz on the front and the inscription "Grete Waitz: the Greatest New York City Marathon Champion" on the back, who wouldn't want to travel 26.2 miles to earn one?

Monday, October 27, 2008


I did it.  I...

...talked myself down and decided to just chill on immediate running plans those 3 bags of shoes & clothing donated to Goodwill
...made some real progress at the pool
...tossed the 3 legged table
...rejoined the world where eating a bag of chips with lunch everyday probably isn't the best idea, grab size or not.
...(to be honest, Jason) upgraded the iMac to iTunes 8 and thus launched me into the fantabulous world of Genius playlists
...purchased some Missy Higgins and some Jeremy Messersmith (thanks Brandy!)
...gained more much needed inspiration from friends
...made me some killer new playlists
...decided that it would be a good idea to attend the 6:30 a.m. spin class tomorrow
...purchased the Rojo Cabinet  :-)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Rojo Cabinet: I wish I knew how to quit you

I remember when I first saw you in the pages of the C&B catalog. Looking all versatile, organized and sporting your fresh pop of color. I believe we first met in person many, many months ago. But it wasn't until we saw each other again yesterday that I was reminded how much I really care for you. How much I'd really like you in my life. Sigh.

Friday, October 17, 2008

He Really Loves Me


The week has really flown by. Traveling back from Chicago Monday afternoon, loads of huge projects at the office and a 24 hour business trip to Austin = finding myself on Friday and not knowing how I got here.

The upside - I'm feeling good, really good. My emotions worked themselves around/out and I'm back on track. I hit the pool earlier this week for some laps and a visit to the steam room and will do the same this evening after work. I'm also planning to get out for a run this weekend. The weather looks fall-tastic!!! I'll also be tracking some more running friends tackling various race distances this weekend - woot!

The downside - Something is still awry with my left leg. And while I'm not sure if it's just the hamstring irritated and encouraging his leg counterparts to gang up on me, it doesn't seem to be getting worse. I'll wear a thigh compression sleeve and continue massaging the area to see if that doesn't help any. I could also use several more hours a day to get through a particularly hairy work project. I'll be so glad once this year is over; right now everything is about getting squeezed into a yr. end delivery. Ugh.

Any who, arrived home from JFK late last night to some Magnolia deliciousness Jason picked up for me. No doubt he knows the way to my heart!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A boost

I love you and am so proud of you, Beth!!!!


A feeling of thoughtful sadness. That's how I've felt since Sunday's finish line especially since departing Chicago and returning to the real world of life and work and other crap I don't feel like participating in or dealing with.

It's just one of the large number of emotions that currently occupy my mind & body. I'm soooo happy to have crossed the finish line this year in Chicago and hand-in-hand with my sister!!! I'm exhilarated to have my finisher's medal, to have seen Tim and heard about him rocking his first with a sub-4:00 and to have had the chance to enjoy a post-race meal and tasty beverages with good friends & family. It was a memorable day for sure.

And yet I'm sad and feeling empty.

The race I'd trained for, perfected and remained positive about didn't come to pass. Things happen, we can't control everything and there is plenty of uncertainty in this world. None of this provides me any comfort.

I'm also confused and wondering what to do next.

So there it is, I'll ride this wave of stuff and hope to feel more energetic and more together later this week...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I may have been a centaur in my past life

So after a day o' freaking out yesterday, I think it's out of my system. I also think I'll never start the day again by checking out weather conditions for my race city. No amount of coffee makes a less-than-ideal forecast any easier to deal with. I pouted, I felt despair, I made my day longer than need be and I made my run rougher than it needed to be. I cried, I iced, I refueled, I tiger-balmed and then I re-watched a couple episodes of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
I'm better now.

And because that show cracks me up, here's some of The Gang's best stuff...

Charlie: Why don't I strap on my job helmet and squeeze down into a job cannon and fire off into Jobland where jobs grow on little jobbies.
Mac: I'm so hard that people are scared of me and they should be. 'Cause I'll explode all over them.

Dee: [to Charlie and Frank]:
What are you guys looking at?
Frank: Garbage Pail Kids. Heathen Steven, Classic!

Dee: Are those the stupid cards where babies are doing disgusting things?

: No, Dee. These are those amazing cards where babies are doing hysterical things...
Mac: It's not a jacket, it's a duster. It's like a jacket, only it's longer, thicker, and far more bad ass. I look like Lorenzo Lamas and women find it irresistible.

Dee: Mac, I'm gonna stop you right here. First of all, your
breath smells like an old lady fart passing through an onion.

[Frank and Charlie are tripping on acid. Charlie is wearing a green s
uit that covers his head and body]
: ...wait wait! When the hell did I put Green Man on?!

: [referring to Charlie] That lizard talks!
: Where, where?! I don't like lizards!

: [to Charlie] Lizard, am I standing in poop?
Charlie: Because I cut the brakes! Wildcard Bitches!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cruisin' with the top off

Winston Churchill said, "A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty"

And thus after receiving this from the Chicago Race Directors:

According to the advance local weather forecast, the weather on race day is projected to be partly cloudy, with low temperatures in the low 60's (degrees F) and high temperatures in the mid 70's (degrees F).

Based on this forecast, the Event Alert Level is Yellow/Moderate, which suggests less-than-ideal conditions for marathon running. Please be aware that conditions may change prior to race day.

I'm ready to bust out my convertible

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The hit maker

I've mentioned before how much I love that balance between planned things and just taking it easy, rolling with whatever happens. The weekend ended up being just that which = perfie in my book.

On Friday Jason and I babysat the kiddos. Activities of the evening included playing picture cards, a bit of Star Wars on the Wii, snacking on popcorn & ice cream (shush!!!) and watching some SuperFriends. When mom and dad came home we were entertained by the latest hit from Hunter [and the Blue Devils], I Love Candy
*that's big bro, Jack, on back up vocals and dad handling the accompanying instruments

Saturday was spent getting my last double digit run in pre-Chicago (12 miles in 55* temps, a bit of rain and 1 hr 46 minutes of my time), meeting up with another [internet but not just internet anymore] running friend, Sarah great to finally meet you!!!, and later in sharing some birthday beers with Heather.

Sunday was all about relaxing and doing whatever I could to try and shake the wonkiness in my left leg. I got to the pool for about 35 mins. of laps and then got a massage from Alissa. By the time I got home most of my TCM buddies had already finished or were crossing the finish line
and Alexis made quick work of her 15K. Congratulations to you all!!! Remainder of the day was spent in couch city, population 1 (plus the resident kitty)

This morning started off great! Legs are feeling much better, the cool weather continues, I was able to chat with both Beth & Tim and got even more excited about the race as this will be their first full marathon and I get to run today. The week's schedule is M - 6 sleazy miles, T - 7 miles w/2 @MP, W - rest/x-t, Th - 5 mi w/strides, F - rest, Sa - some sort of run, maybe 3-4 miles.

And before I forget, a couple new pictures of baby Keaton Scout ...isn't he adorable?!?!? He's such a mixture of the other kiddos too and what a happy little guy!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Land of the Gods

Searching around for a little extra race inspiration? Take a peek here. As the week continues I'm doing everything in my power to stay free of sickness, any more aches & pains and all negative attitudes. I've been doing a daily ...shit, hourly inventory of all current bodily complaints and something isn't quite right with my left leg. I'm thinking it may be the shoes I'm breaking in for the Chicago; they're the same model as I've been wearing but a different color from a different store. Will be picking up a different pair on the way home tonight. Other than that, a pretty low-key week.

Sunday was 12+ miles in 100% humidity. Should have gone a bit longer but I got all crazy dizzy and decided twelve was enough. Not worth it to push it.

Monday was 7 miles with 8 x 100 strides. I really would have preferred an easier feeling run but my legs were probably still a little zapped from Sunday + this mild cold is slowing me down.

Tuesday was supposed to be 8 miles w/1600m repeats however after testing out my speed with some 200m repeats, I wasn't feeling it. And, at this point, will do anything in my power to keep myself injury-free and running without pain. Settled with 8.16 (stupid non-round number) miles close to MP.

I've been taking in lots of extra vitamins, eating well, took yesterday off work to simply rest and got in a real nice eucalyptus steam over my bathroom sink last night. Not only did my chest and cough feel better but my skin was absolutely radiant. ha! Will definitely repeat that tonight.
...but not till after we see & hear some of this guy down at Terminal 5