Wednesday, February 2, 2011

January 2011 Recap

Quickie recap:

Races: 0
Trail runs: 1
Longest run:  18 mi
Doubles: 2
Yoga: averaged once/week
Total miles: 233.9

February will be all about more time on the trails and more time on my feet, i.e. several hour long runs

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Are there mini pads & helmets too?

So yeah, this has been sitting in the hallway at work for a week + now.   At first glance I was reminded of the awesome days at a start-up company when I first moved to NYC.   We had "late night working Wednesdays" when we'd theoretically talk about work strategy and have meaningful discussions about expanding our client base while chowing on pizza and sucking back beers.   In reality, we may have had an hour of that on a single Wednesday and every other one was beer, pizza and playing hall ball.  Sigh, I miss those days! 

After snapping back to present day office-life, I looked some more and wondered what tiny little office drones were secretly logging the ole 9-5 and getting in some hockey after hours.  I mean, check out the actual size of the goals and equipment below in my sweet birds-eye view shot...


I'm no giant but at 5'8" either my back would be breaking or my knees (is that even plausible?) would be wrecked worse than when I was a way-over-30 year old volleyball player facing youngins' straight outta college.   Yeeeeouch.   It wasn't until some co-workers (or maybe it was Jason??) and I spent a bit of useless meeting time discussing the possibilities that someone mentioned it likely a game played on a table.  Yeah, that seems about right but why the hell is it sitting in the hallway??  And what about the tiny little office drones?  They'd never reach at regular table height!    We may never know.  :)

At any rate, back to last week.  I finally got my butt back up to near 60, 57 mi to be exact, but a lot of it was sloppy and lacking quality.  I did have a couple "I feel like I'm flying" runs where I wasn't quite flying but it felt effortless however most could be labeled junk miles.  And while I'm quite accepting of winter and all the crud that drops from the sky, there comes a point when it's just not that easy to run tempos or intervals outside in sometimes sketch conditions.  Luckily for me, I'm not going for a super fast HM this weekend in Surf City, frankly I'll take whatever I can get, so my next goal race is that 50K and I don't need to be fast when I'm tripping all over the trails, just upright.  So for now I'll aim for quality runs 2x a week and take whatever I can get, as long as I'm moving my cupcake laden self forward, it's a win.   Which brings me to remaining thought, I guess I need to find another HM to try and run fast ....hmmm.