Monday, December 12, 2011

Things I'm Loving Right Now

I'm not much of a sock wearer when inside at home, except when it starts to get colder outside and I'm in full-on lounge mode.  One of my sisters had some of these and upon seeing them I flew straight out to Old Navy to nab a couple pair.

I thought about posting some pictures of the various juices I've made but they all look like puke and/or blood so I'll refrain and just show you the behemoth of an appliance that dominates my counter.   This thing is truly a miracle worker, in addition to feeling crazy energetic after consuming said juices I've also come to like ... eh, that might be too strong, tolerate, red beets.

Sore muscles are not required to love Plantlife's Sore Muscle oil; it smells good and it a nice replacement to lotion after coming out of the shower.  Bonus if someone else actually rubs it in for you (I'm not that lucky)

Until recently I'd believed Mother's Milk was my most favorite stout however Left Hand and it's appearance at Valhalla, local watering hole in my hood, has changed all that.   Their milk stout is frothy, milky, delicious!

Miles.  And miles.   And miles.    FINALLY, a full on return to respectable running is in the works.  It doesn't hurt that this is my absolute most favorite time of the year to be out and that I have a few pairs of new shoes in the rotation but ultimately, it's my desire to be out there and to enjoy the time that has me loving every step of those 5280 feet increments.


Anonymous said...

Those slipper socks are too cute!

Did you know that you made at LEAST two Colorado references in this post?! Left Hand is from CO! We LOVE the Milk Stout! It's probably the only dark beer you'll ever see me drinking! Also, "5280 feet increments." the elevation of denver is 5280 ft. Totally random, I know! Just wanted to point it out!

Congrats on getting back to logging the miles!

Hope kitty is doing well, have a great day! :)

Jen Jones said...

Love it all!!!

I really am tempted to get a juicer, I think we would use it quite a bit.

Theia said...

Ooooh, I love beets!

Runnin-From-The-Law said...

I MUST get those slipper socks, stat!

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